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primary entry point for bats
Exclusion is a process we use that provides the bats living in your home with a one directional exit point.  At night when the bats wake up to feed they will be able to exit the home, but they will not be able to return.  We use this method because it is the most effective and humane way to evict the bats from your home.  It also helps to prevent bats from getting trapped inside of your home.
a small group of bats
Bat Proofing is a service that we offer to homes that do not currently have a bat infestation.  Even if bats are not living inside your home, most houses will have many entry points that a bat could use to set up shop in your house.  Bat Proofing is a thorough, but less timely endeavor, and will effectively reduce the cost of services.  It is better to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem.  Almost all homes are susceptible to bat infestation.
Bat guano accumulation
Remediation is the process of removing all of the damaged insulation in your walls and attics that is caused by a bat infestation.  Cleaning up accumulations of bat droppings can be hazardous to your health, and should always be done by an experienced professional.  The droppings can create a fungus that when breathed in by humans can leave them afflicted with Histoplasmosis.
big brown bat eating a meal worm

Bat Removal is another service we offer.  Sometimes on a rare occasion, it may be necessary for us to physically remove the bats from your home.  An example of one of these times would be when there is such a huge accumulation of guano that it becomes a serious health risk, and we must remove the colony immediately to prevent any further build up, and to start immediate remediation.

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