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NightWingz Bat Solutions has decided to offer referral incentives to it's current and past clients.  How does a referral incentive work?  Any person who is currently a Nightwingz bat solutions client still under warranty can participate.  All you have to do is refer someone to us, it can be anyone, a friend, family member, work acquaintance, or someone you barely know.  As long as that person lets us know that they were referred by you, and the referral leads to a paying job for NightWingz bat solutions, you will qualify for a one year extension to your current warranty at no cost to you.  You can refer up to five new clients, and if they all lead to paying jobs, you will qualify for a five year extension on your existing warranty.  The maximum amount of referral extensions per client is five. 

Lets Review

To Qualify

You must be a current NightWingz Bat Solutions client under warranty

You must refer someone to NightWingz Bat Solutions

They must list you as their reference

The reference must lead to a paying job

The maximum number of years that the warranty can be extended by is five

Each extension year requires one reference that leads to a job

Lets summarize

You help five of your friends locate some much needed quality services

NightWingz Bat Solutions gets to add five new people to their family of clients

Five new families will be living bat free

Best of all you will be protected for an extra five years for FREE! saving you up to $400.00

What's not to love?  Referral incentives, everybody's doing it.