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Bat Proofing is the back bone of our preventative maintenance program.  It is where everything starts, but every single job that involves Bat proofing, bat exclusion, or bat removal comes with a guarantee.  With each job we offer an initial warranty that covers the season of, and the season after the original work is done.  So if you use our bat exclusion services on July 15th 2014, the warranty will automatically cover you until July 15th 2016.  Our warranty includes almost anything.  If we miss something, we come back and fix it for free, if a bat gets into your house, we come back and check it out.  We are confident in our services, and our warranty is just a little extra peace of mind.  The only things that will void the warranty is if the client does any remodeling, or construction to the residence that in any way alters the original work that was provided.  Now if you get services from NightWingz Bat Solutions, and four years go by, and your wondering well my warranty is expired, and a bat got into my house, what now?  We also offer extended warranty programs at reasonable rates to give you that peace of mind for years to come.  If you have your house bat proofed, and decide you want it to stay that way, you can purchase a warranty that extends over an extra year, two years, five years.  It really depends on how long you want to stay protected, and with every extended warranty comes a free annual inspection. We want to make sure that you have nothing to worry about.  The extended warranty is a good idea, because your home will always be enticing for future bats.  Once they have lived in your home they will continue to try and do so for years to come.