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Q:  Why would I need to get rid of the bats?  They aren't bothering me

A:  Two reasons.  They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the insulation in your walls and attic.  They can pose serious health risks.  Please read the information on our Health Risks page.

Q:  How do I know if I have bats living in my house?

A:  Typically people will hear scratching noises in the walls, or squeaking sound, and they will call a pest control service not even thinking that it could be bats living in your home.  We offer free inspections within forty miles of St. Joe, MO, for this reason.  It is better to know than to allow the problem to continue.

Q:  What happens if the bats return, and start living in my home again after an exclusion?

A:  Even after an exclusion the bats will continue to try and find ways into your house.  That is why NightWingz Bat Solutions offers a two season guarantee with every job.  Whether it is an oversight on our part, or the house shifts, you will be covered.  To give you a little more peace of mind we also offer extended maintenance programs which you can read more details about on our Maintenance page.

Q:  Do you kill the bats?

A:  NightWingz Bat Solutions is not an extermination company, we do not kill the bats, in fact we discourage anyone from killing any bats.  Bats are protected by state law, and should not be harmed unless absolutely necessary.  When we do a Bat Exclusion we rarely have any contact with the bats.  You can get more details on our Services page.

Q:  What do I do if a bat gets into the living area of my home?

A:  Don't panic, bats themselves are relatively harmless.  Just open a couple of doors, and windows.  The bat will probably leave on its own.  If the bat does not leave on its own within an hour or so, than you can call NightWingz Bat Solutions.  We will remove bats from the living area of your home for a small fee.  If you are a previous client of NightWingz Bat Solutions the bat removal will be covered under your warranty.

Q:  How much does Bat Removal cost?

A:  Every single job is different.  Some houses may only have one or two entry points that bats are using, and only 15-25 bats living in them.  Some houses may have fifteen different entry points that bats are using, and a colony in the hundreds.  Some house may take only a couple hours to bat proof, while others may take a couple of days.  The cost is based on each individual job.  That is why NightWingz Bat Solutions tries to offer free inspections in as large of a radius as possible.

Q:  How many bats are living in my house?

A:  The size of a colony is determined upon inspection of your home.  No two colonies are exactly the same.  Sometimes houses have only ten or fifteen bats, and sometimes they have three or four hundred bats.  I Have come across homes that have had colonies estimated to have bats in the upwards of 1,200 bats in a single colony.