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The extended warranty program is something that NightWingz Bat Solutions offers as a way to build an ongoing professional relationship with our clients, by providing them with the peace of mind that can only be found in a long standing guarantee.  Although every single bat job come with a two season guarantee included in the price we decided that two years of knowing our customers just wasn't long enough.  With the extended warranty program our clients can choose to stretch their warranty out for up to ten years.  So the things you will probably want to know about how the warranty works, first, what will the warranty cover.  With your extended warranty you will get an annual re-inspection that you don't even have to schedule.  You will receive a letter in the mail from us letting you know when we plan on coming to do the re-inspection, at which point you either do nothing, or call us if you wish to schedule it for another time.  You do not need to be present for the re-inspection, if for any reason we need to access the inside of the house we will call you to set up a time.  If you have had bat houses installed by NightWingz Bat Solutions the warranty will also cover an annual removal of the guano that builds up on the ground at the base of the bat house.  If you get a bat in the house, you can call us, if you hear scratching in the walls that you think is bats, you can call us, If you are lonely on a Friday night, rent a movie, don't call us.  Only Kidding!  In all seriousness though, NightWingz Bat Solutions strives to provide excellent customer service, and your warranty covers, well, just about everything.  The only thing that will void your warranty is if there is any interior, or exterior remodeling, or construction changes to the residence that in any way alters the original work, or any future work done by NightWingz Bat Solutions.  We can not compensate for mistakes that are made by contractors that you may hire.  Now if you want us to consult with your contractors on how they can be mindful of what to do to ensure they keep out the bats while doing their work, well then that we can do.  If you have an extended warranty, and you are going to redo your roof, we would be more than happy to consult with your contractor on the proper way to install bat proofing materials while putting on a new roof.

     Okay!  So what does all this peace of mind cost me? you ask.

Well it is actually fairly simple

1 year extension = $150.00

2 year extension = $125.00 per year

3 year extension = $100.00 per year

The next step up is a five year extension

5 year extension = $400.00

Any extension of the warranty that is five years or less must be paid for in advance.  If you purchase the five year extension, and you would like to go out to ten years, you have the option of either paying for the next five years all at once.  Which would be $40.00 per year at five years would be $600.00, or you can pay one year at a time after the first five years at a rate of $50.00 per year.  So after five years you can pay year to year, stop your warranty, or pay the next five years in one sum, or you can pay for ten years in advance.  It is up to you.  These warranty rates will apply to Most houses.  Occasionally some houses are just too large to apply these rates, but those houses don't come along very often, and the rate increase is typically a nominal fee.