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Bat Removal is another service we offer.  Sometimes on a rare occasion, it may be necessary for us to physically remove the bats from your home.  An example of one of these times would be when there is such a huge accumulation of guano that it becomes a serious health risk, and we must remove the colony immediately to prevent any further build up, and to start immediate remediation.  Removal of bats may also be necessary if they continually get into the living quarters of your home.  On some rare occasions there will be a part of your home that is letting the bats get into your living quarters that we can not access without doing what we would consider more damage than good.  At this time it may become necessary to physically transplant the bats out of your home.  Depending on the size of the colony this can be a quick and painless process.  If it is a large colony it can take several days.  We do not like to separate members of a colony, so the large colonies may have to be taken in smaller groups.  If it is a small colony it may possibly be transplanted to another location to colonize a Bat House that another client had us install.  Some people who realize the benefits of having bats live in our ecosystem will sometimes ask us to install bat houses for them, and it can take several years to get them colonized on your own.