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Bat Proofing is a service that we offer to homes that do not currently have a bat infestation.  Even if bats are not living inside your home, most houses will have many entry points that a bat could use to set up shop in your house.  Bat Proofing is a thorough, but less timely endeavor, and will effectively reduce the cost of services.  It is better to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem.  Almost all homes are susceptible to bat infestation.  Bat proofing is similar to an exclusion, just without the one way doors being installed.  Although lots and lots of houses have bats, some may not, but almost every house can get bats.  Even newly constructed houses can get bats.  We have had instances where a house had been built within the last six months, and had a colony of nearly 300 bats living in it.  The reason it is so easy for bats to make your home their home, is because they can fit into a space as small as 3/4 inch wide.  It doesn't take much for a bat to get into a home.  The newly constructed house had plastic ridge vent installed, and a squirrel chewed a bunch of holes into the bottom which allowed entry for the bats.  Now had the roofers just taken the time to either cover the opening in the peak of the house with hardware cloth, or used rolled ridge vent instead, the bats would not have been able to get into the attic.  The entire house had to have the ridge vent ripped off and replaced.  The homeowners could not believe that their brand new home had a bat infestation, but that was several years ago, and they have been bat free ever since, thanks to NightWingz Bat Solutions.