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Now when you clicked on the link that led you to this page you were probably wondering, why in the world would I want to attract bats to my house?  It is perfectly normal to feel this way.  You don't want to attract them to your house, but you may want to attract them to their own house, and that is what bat house installation is all about.  By installing a bat house and having it colonized by bats you will be allowing nature to work for you as a natural pest control service.  Bats eat lots and lots of bugs, insects, and stinging insects.  One bat depending on its size can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night.  That may seem like a lot, but even during their highest activity times of the year, bats only eat once a day, and they don't eat every day.  Sometimes they will sleep for two-three days at a time.  It's not just mosquitoes that they eat though, they eat bees, which can be real handy, especially if you are allergic to bee stings.  They also eat moths, and lets face it, those moths flying around your porch light, and making their way into your home can get annoying.  Basically putting up a bat house or two will provide you with a couple hundred lean mean insect eating machines, but it's not just as easy as just going out, buying a bat house and nailing it to a tree.  If a bat house is not set up properly it can take several years before it becomes colonized by bats, and that is if it becomes colonized at all.  When putting up a bat house you have to consider several things; human scent, how many hours per day of prevailing sunlight will it get, is it facing the right direction, is it big enough, is it designed properly?  There are a lot of factors that come in to play when trying to get a bat house colonized.  That is why NightWingz Bat Solutions offer bat house installation as one of our services.  We know how to get bat houses colonized.  We know where to put them, how high they should be, etc.  If for some reason we can not get your bat house colonized, we will transplant a small colony to your bat house in an attempt to colonize it.  NightWingz Bat Solutions offers the bat house installation services to previous clients that have had their homes Bat-Proofed.  We do not install bat houses at homes that have not been bat proofed.  The reason for this is because that if your house is not bat proofed, and we install a bat house to attract bats, the bats will just move into your house instead.  the house will be easier access, bigger, and have better temperature control.  We are just not in the business of giving people bats in their homes, we are in the business of evicting them from homes.  Also if your house is not bat proofed, and we install a bat house that is not becoming colonized, and we attempt to transplant a colony to your bat house, they will just end up inside your home.  Then you will have bats living inside your home, and you will be upset, and we will feel bad, and that's just not what anybody wants.  We will however install a bat house at a home if it does not need to be bat proofed, so it doesn't hurt to get the inspection.  You may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't need any bat proofing done.