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Bat Activity

With each changing season, the behavior of bats also changes, which in turn changes the way we as a company need to conduct our business.  Bat proofing in spring is much different from bat proofing in the summer, but more than anything the bat exclusion methods are different.

     During spring time bats are very active, making this an ideal time to do bat exclusions, but it is also the time of year that bats are looking to mate.  When bats mate their young are called pups, and they can not fly.  We do not want to kill any bats so we do a partial exclusion during this time.  We will do about 75% of a complete job leaving open minimum of one primary entry point so that the mothers can get to their pups, and keep them fed.  if we were to completely separate them from their young they would surely die, and we don't want that.  After we have allowed adequate time for the pups to grow up a little and learn to fly we will return to finish the exclusion, and then we can do a further inspection to determine whether or not any remediation is needed.

     During the summer months the bats remain very active, and the young pups are now juvenile bats, and are joining the party, feasting on bugs every night.  The summer months can become incredibly busy for us, because of their activity the summer months make for quick and effective bat exclusions, and we try to get as many bat exclusions done during this time as possible.  Because of their high activity during the summer months it is possible after an exclusion for a bat to enter your home.  Don't panic!  Just open a couple of doors or windows, and the bat should leave all on its own.  bats do not intentionally make contact with humans, it is mostly just a by-product of them hunting for insects, or finding another way out when we do an exclusion.  Bats are lazy, so they will sometimes look for the easiest route out.  If the bat does not leave on its own, you can always give us a call, and we will do our best to help. 

     During the fall months the bat activity will start to slow as most bats will migrate to more suitable conditions for hibernation.  Bats need an ideal temperature for hibernation in order to slow down their metabolism, and survive the winter on their fat stores.  Fall can be a good time of year for bat proofing because an inspection will allow us to determine if the bats have decided to stay in your home for the winter, or migrate to another home, or a cave.  Depending on the severity of the weather, we can bat proof a home with less concern for trapping any bats inside of the home.

     During the winter months bats will be in a state of hibernation, and usually you will not have issues with them getting inside of your home, but if one does than you should call us.  Bats live in colonies, and where there is one bat, there are more.  Now that is not to say that you didn't just have one random bat fly into your house, but because they are in hibernation during the winter months it is unlikely that the bat flew in from outside.  The weather is unpredictable in winter, and can make bat exclusion very difficult, but you should at the very least call us for an inspection so that we can determine the extent of the problem and schedule you for an early exclusion.