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my daughter and I in a lift doing bat removal
My daughter and I doing a bat job up in a lift!!!  You can't see it in the picture, but we are like 25 feet in the air.  She is fearless!

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Don't mind us, we are dorks.  We get excited when we actually get to interact with the bats, but the bats are pretty cool. 
A few quick interesting things about bats.  On average about 90% of the houses I inspect do end up having bats.  We do free inspections within 40 miles of Saint Joseph.  So it is a good idea to get an inspection, because you could have bats and not even know it.  Even if you don't currently have bats you should get an inspection, and have your house bat proofed to prevent possible infestation, and save yourself from having to spend thousands of dollars from the damage that bats can do.  A single little brown bat can eat anywhere between 600-1200 mosquitoes in a single night.  Having a bat house is natures best mosquito repellant money can buy.

 NightWingz Bat Solutions is a business that strives to offer full and complete service.  Pest control applies to bats as well as many other animals.  We will travel up to three and a half hours for a bat job, and possibly further depending on the size of the job (any job that is not with in forty miles of St. Joseph, MO may require a fuel premium to have an inspection done.)  We travel to many arrears surrounding St. Joe, including, but not limited to, Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS, Atchison, KS, Savannah, MO, Cameron, MO, Leavenworth, KS, Lansing, KS, Omaha, NE, Independence, MO, Liberty, MO, and many others.  Basically, if it is with in driving range, we will be happy to cover you for all of your Bat Removal needs.

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